Luke Kelty, Managing Director

Luke Kelty

Managing Director

Luke established Digital Bridge way back in 1997 when the Internet was still in its infancy. His passion for anything digital, however, continues to grow. His highly professional, dedicated, yet flexible approach has earnt him some solid partnerships in the industry and a reputation for producing quality and dependable work. 

Maria Kelty, Communications | Projects

Maria Kelty

Communications | Projects

Maria applies her communication skills to helping clients establish and manage their web projects.

Joel Winbanks, Designer | Developer

Joel Winbanks

Designer | Developer

Joel is an experienced web designer who specialises in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. 

He has a talent for easily understanding clients' project requirements and translating them into highly functional and useable website designs.

At Digital Bridge we love his quiet sense of humour and easygoing attitude.

Mark Woodward, Designer | Developer

Mark Woodward

Designer | Developer

Mark combines their extensive creative background with a robust knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. They are our resident expert in Laravel PHP Framework, VueJS, Stripe Payment Gateway, and CMS programming.

Out of hours Mark is involved in a wide range of creative pursuits, such as painting, acting, podcasting and touring with bands.

Laura Jonathan, DESIGNER

Laura Jonathan


Laura is an innovative and creative web designer specialising in UI/UX design, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Laura excels at sticking to client briefs to deliver striking and unique designs. She also has the tenacity to solve problems calmly and efficiently. 

Outside of Digital Bridge, Laura loves drawing, gaming and street photography.


Alex McBain


Alex is a skilled web developer specialising in PHP and the Laravel Framework, VueJS, and MySQL.

Dio , Turtle



Dio is hands-down the most feisty and fun-loving member of our team. Specialising at greeting anyone who walks in the door, eating straight out of your hand and biting the odd finger, he's been making big waves in the Digital Bridge office.