Client Portal

The Digital Bridge Client Portal allows you to manage email, FTP, DNS and tasks.

Accessing the Portal

The portal can be accessed from the Digital Bridge website.

Logging into the portal
Picture of the Log In link on the Digital Bridge website

Figure 2.1

To login to the Client Portal:

  1. Visit the Digital Bridge website:
  2. Click the Login icon in the Right Hand Corner of the Top Menu
  3. Enter your portal username and password into the Client Portal login form on the left (Figure 2.2) then click Login.

Once you've logged in, you can manage email, dns, tasks and invoices from the Portal.

Submitting a Website Management Task or Error Report

Accessing Tasks

The Task Manager is provided via the Client Portal.

The Task Manager acts as a record keeping device for website management tasks. All Tasks should be logged via the Client Portal. If you email a task request to Digital Bridge we will log this in the Client Portal on your behalf.

If a task is complicated or requires further explanation please talk to Digital Bridge staff in addition to your task request.

To view tasks
  1. Click My Task - the task list screen appears.
  2. Select a Task and click the task title to view details of the task.
  3. To find a task, use ‘Ctrl-F’ to display the ‘Find and Replace’ popup window. Enter a search phrase and use ‘Find Next’ to find results in the Task List.
To create a new task
  1. Click New Task - The New Task screen appears.
  2. Select a classification from the dropdown list (The following classifications are provided: Development, Website Management, Hosting, Graphic Design, Server Error and Technical Support)
  3. Select a Business from the dropdown list and select the correct business for the task. Most users will only be associated with one business. In some cases, however, you may be managing websites for multiple businesses.
  4. Enter the Task Title - Use a descriptive title to identify your task.
  5. Enter the Task Description - Provide an overall description of the task. If the task is complicated contact Digital Bridge via phone to discuss the work to be performed. Also remember notes can be attached to a task with further information and reference materials.

Once a task has been submitted you will not be able to edit the task. Use notes to record changes or further information related to your initial task request.

FTP Settings

Accessing FTP details

FTP is the service which allows you to transfer files between your website and your local computer. You need this information if you intend on making direct changes to your website.

To retrieve your FTP Password

  1. Login to the Client Portal
  2. Select the Hosting Screen
  3. Click FTP Settings
  4. The FTP Settings screen appears.
  5. View the username and password for your website(s)

DNS Settings

Accessing DNS details

DNS is the service that announces to the Internet where resources are located for your domain name. Using DNS you can change your mail server or alter where your website is hosted. These settings should only be altered by users who know exactly what they are doing. Altering these setting may risk disconnecting your website from the Internet.

Delegate your domain

In order to use the DNS manager, your domain name must be delegated to the Digital Bridge Name Servers.

  • Primary DNS: (
  • Secondary DNS: (
Maintain DNS Records

The Client Portal can be used to manage the following DNS Records:

  • A Records
  • MX Records
  • NS Records
  • TXT Records
  • SRV Records

For more advanced DNS settings please contact Digital Bridge.

Website Traffic Reports

Accessing Website Traffic Reports

Website Reports are provided via the Client Portal.

Website Reporting provides access to website activity reports showing details of visits to your website as well as information including referral links and keywords and phrases used to find your website in the search engines.

These statistics offer valuable information about the use of your website by visitors and provide indicators on how well your site is performing for users and with the search engines.

If you would like to discuss how to interpret your reports in layman's terms, please call Digital Bridge.