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act3 is a strategic planning company changing the way top-performing executives plan and manage careers. They apply familiar business strategy and planning tools in a personal leadership context, and give organisations valuable insights into the real needs and aspirations of their most important leaders.


The existing act3 planning website had served the company well. By 2016 the company was looking to redesign. A visual refresh was in order to make the website more up-to-date, as was a sitemap review and move to responsive page designs.

The main goal of the website redesign was to create a striking and distinctive online brand that matched act3 planning's strong reputation in the industry. A balance was sought between providing enough information about the company and its services, and keeping the setting minimal and structured. 




The people at act3 Planning provided a detailed creative brief with clear directions on imagery, colours and style. The site strucure was clear and pared-back. The content was well-researched, crafted and professional. In short, it was a designers dream job.

The first task was to help source a reputable and creative photographer who could capture inspirational and resonating images. Content was writen by a professional writer with an initimate knowledge of the business.

Next, Digital Bridge created design concepts that allowed the images to speak for themselves but worked in harmony with the other site content.

From this, building the responsive pages then making the site live followed quickly.


The act3 Planning website evokes a feeling of confidence in the company and its strategic planning services. The design is characterised by unique and resonating images. The "feel" is  measured yet creative.

From a developer's view, the new act3 Planning site is a testament to how thorough collaboration at the briefing stage can facillitate a smooth website build. It also shows how third-party collaborators, in this case a professional writer and a photographer who work outside of our own agency, can produce great work together.

Digital Bridge designs, develops and manages powerful websites and web-based applications for Australian businesses. We are based in Smith St Fitzroy, Melbourne.

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