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Intrepidus Human Resource Consulting inspires businesses to improve themselves and their people by designing, implementing and supporting change that is resilient and scalable. They resolve human work issues and provide assistance across a broad scope of human resources. 


Digital Bridge built the original Intrepidus website several years ago, which meant that when the time came to redevelop the site, we had a good working relationship and a solid understanding of how the business worked to help guide us.



Intrepidus has a history of outstanding results and proven strategies in the field of Australian human resources, industrial relations and recruitment. The wealth of information they wanted to offer through their new website had to be mapped carefully so that it was easy to locate and digest. It was also important for anyone searching for a HR specialist to feel inspired to contact Intrepidus via the new website.

Working closely with the principal consultant of Intrepidus, we planned a new website design that was fresh, vibrant, intuitive and inviting. 

The sitemap, content and functions were all completely updated, and new features such as a rotating banner, newsletter signup, blog and case studies were added. A powerful yet easy to manage content management system was created to allow Intrepidus to manage their own updates once the new site was launched.



The result is an engaging website brimming with valuable information and expert advice from highly experienced specialists in the HR Industry. It has evolved from a static site, to something that is constantly being updated by Intrepidus staff to reflect new insights and developments.

Digital Bridge designs, develops and manages powerful websites and web-based applications for Australian businesses. We are based in Smith St Fitzroy, Melbourne.

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