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Situated in Brunswick St, Fitzroy, the flagship Keoma store is just a hop, skip and jump away from the Digital Bridge office. Their store sells quality brand products previously unavailable in Melbourne, such as EKN, Jost and Freitag. Supporting local Australian businesses is what we do best, so building an ecommerce store for Keoma fit perfectly into the Digital Bridge portfolio. Read below how we approached this wonderful opportunity to establish an online presence for Keoma.


Keoma came to us in January 2018 when they were a new company looking to make a mark. Keoma imports and distributes high quality fashion brands, like EKN and Jost & Freitag, into Australia. They specialise in quality made, ethical, sustainable, and vegan fashion and lifestyle products. They needed a website that would match their look, feel, and vision.

Keoma has an online store as well as a flagship store which is located on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. Keoma isn’t just a fashion retailer though. The stylish boutique is the home to an Airbnb which sits directly above their Fitzroy flagship store. This was important to keep in mind while we were creating their website.

We were presented with the unique task of creating a beautiful website that would match their overall sleek and minimalist design while ensuring we ticked all the boxes when it came to features. Two of our main goals were building an ecommerce site that was integrated with a capital stock management system and making sure we captured and communicated all of Keoma’s ideas and values.


When we started working on the Keoma website, we were presented with visual design concepts that we turned into beautiful HTML templates.

Using Laravel PHP, we were able to tailor the website to suit Keoma’s needs. The online store was arguably the most important aspect of the website, so we created key features like a product search option, product display, checkout system, “my account page” to track order history, a login and signup feature, and the integration of a payment system that allows for payments via Stripe, Paypal, and AfterPay.

We integrated the website with an email engine and the brand’s social media accounts to ensure continuity. And on the backend, the website is integrated with capital stock management and equipped with an admin area and a content management system (CMS) for updating general page content and managing the product database. We also helped to set up special offer coupons and a way to upload and import information as needed.


We were thrilled to work with a local business to create the website of their dreams. When all was said and done, Keoma was left with a visually stunning minimalist website that allows the products to shine.

It’s simple and easy to use for the customer, and it can be easily updated and managed by staff. Working with Keoma gave us the opportunity to create a custom-made website that incorporates a variety of web-based applications.

Keoma maintains a strong brand image by creating the same look and feel on their website and Instagram. The minimalist design they use across all platforms works well for their business. At the end of the day, this project proved that simple websites can be as eye-catching and engaging as the rest of them.

Take a look at all the good things on the Keoma website.

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