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Imagine the rich, hypnotic aroma of freshly-roasted coffee beans. The sight, smell and intense flavour of the freshest beans brewed into one delectable… memorable… and moreish cup.  The question is, how do you get products like these, off the page and insert them into your customer’s imagination? And how do you engage your audience so they appreciate the values and ethics that underpin your iconic brand?

Then there’s the customer shopping experience.  Is it possible to create one completely customised, single platform website (and admin area) that’s user-friendly and responsive across all devices? One that operates seamlessly today while preparing your website (and business) for an even bigger and brighter tomorrow?

We say, yes. It is.


Jasper Coffee is a respected, iconic, family-owned Australian brand. This much-loved Speciality Coffee Roaster enjoys a large and loyal following thanks to its founders’ commitments to:

  • Providing coffee beans and associated products of exceptional quality.
  • Maintaining the highest ethics in every way, every time.
  • Re-humanizing the coffee supply chain.

Which is why:

  • Jasper Coffee is a  B Corp Certified Company that supports carbon-neutral, fair-trade, sustainable, organic products and the communities that grow their coffee beans. 
  • They partner with like-minded companies supplying beans to the likes of Sea Shephard.
  • Jasper Coffee has had an online presence for over 10 years, since the early days of ecommerce. In fact, Digital Bridge built their very first online store in 2006. Things have come a long way since then.

Over the years, Jasper Coffee engaged other developers to update their website. At one point, a Magento / Wordpress combination was used to build the Jasper Coffee site. However, after a few years maintaining the website and admin area became difficult and time-consuming, and customers started to experience difficulties purchasing coffee through the site. It was time for a new approach.

In 2017, Jasper Coffee re-engaged Digital Bridge to review, overhaul and completely rebuild their website.


Jasper Coffee is passionate about their brand values.  They wanted to communicate these to their customers, but also, to educate them on coffee origin and characteristics, and the people and communities who grow and handle the beans through their journey to the cup. For Jasper Coffee, it’s all about ‘exploration, vision, taste’.

Having gained a thorough understanding of the company’s past challenges and future needs and goals, Digital Bridge got to work. 

  • Jasper Coffee, while keen to overhaul the shopping cart, were committed to maintaining the look and feel of its distinctive branding.
  • Different platforms were reviewed and tested to identify which was the best.
  • In the end, everything was merged into a single platform. One that’s easy to use (and manage), with enough smarts to cope with the demands of marketing and promoting Jasper's products to both an existing audience as well as new customers.

The end result is a customer-centric shopping experience which is smart, friendly and intuitive.


Digital Bridge merged everything into one, completely customised, single platform site. Now, all devices, from desktops to mobiles load quickly and glide between pages. With technical glitches gone and a new improved, streamlined shopping cart, it’s now easy to:

  • Manage: one time-saving website and admin area requiring less maintenance and manpower.
  • Control: publishing, content and product updates are quick and simple to complete.
  • Navigate: orderly, practical and intuitive navigation making it easier for customers to explore more and linger longer.
  • Search: improved search functionality helps time-conscious customers find what they want, fast.
  • Sell: product groupings and displays help customers discover new products, find favourites and move through the buying process quickly.

Jasper Coffee’s unique requirements demanded a unique approach. A customised website using a Laravel PHP framework that enables/ensures customer benefit.

The team at Jasper can now spend more time on their business (and less on technical support) thanks to their smart, new low-maintenance website, while customers enjoy a seamless online shopping experience. One that takes them from screen to bean, faster.

Digital Bridge designs, develops and manages powerful websites and web-based applications for Australian businesses. We are based in the heart of Fitzroy, Melbourne.

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