.au domain names are now available for Australian businesses

If you currently have a .com.au website or a .net.au website, you are now eligible to purchase domains with the .au direct domain name. Anyone with a .com.au domain name gets first rights to .au domain names until September 20th, 2022.

If you already pre-purchased a .au domain name during pre-registration, your .au domain name should now be available to use. During the first week of going live, there have been some issues with .au domain names, including those who have used pre-registration receiving notices of payment errors or a delay in .au domain names being functional. However, even if you did receive a payment error notice, you should still now have access to your .au domain name.

Right now, the process of registration confirmation may be slow due to the high volume of users registering .au domain names.

Benefits of registering for a .au domain name

Registering for a .au domain name might be helpful to secure your online presence, keeping others from imitating your business. It also may be helpful for your branding and marketing efforts. If you want to use the .au domain name, then it’s good to secure straight away so another individual business can’t buy it. 

If you’re interested in getting a .au domain name, we can help you

Digital Bridge can help any of our customers with registering for a new .au domain name. If you would like assistance with registering your domain name, you can email us at hello@digitalbridge.com.au or give us a call at +613 8658 2434.