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So, what’s really changed?

With COVID-19 changing how we live, no area of life has been spared. Some businesses have been thriving with doubling or even tripling of sales. But others are still struggling. eCommerce websites have had an edge of brick-and-mortar stores, especially those that require face-to-face interaction and services. However, even eCommerce websites are struggling as they try to keep up the demand and website traffic.

Some of the ways business has changed included:

●    Temporary closures of brick and mortar stores

●    Stores adapting to conducting business online

●    Reduced staff and resources

●    Delays in deliveries and shortages of materials

●    Changes to marketing strategies

●    Increase in activity of eCommerce and home delivery

●    A slowdown in courier and postal services

Quickly adapting to online services

For some businesses, the biggest challenge has been figuring out how to have employees work from home effectively during lockdowns. In some cases, the increase in demand for home delivery has been so rapid that companies have had to hire more employees. Others haven’t been so fortunate, not being able to find ways to have a barista or chef work from home when businesses are closed.

Many smaller, community-based businesses without eCommerce websites, and often without any website at all, have truly struggled the most. While some have quickly hired web designers, others have found ways to reach their customers and create makeshift home delivery and online shopping processes.

A preference for online shopping doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon. Even as life slowly goes back to normal, many people are opting for the safety of shopping for home or simply just prefer the convenience.

Changes to marketing

It’s been a good time to work on SEO, paid per click advertising, and social media. Everyone is online and often looking for very specific items. Worldwide, there’s been an increase in Google Ad and Facebook Ad spend. But you need to make sure your websites can serve customers once they click on an ad and end up on your site.

You should consider whether all the information customers might need is already on the website, what additional details they might require, and the ease of use. Can a customer make a purchase in just a few quick steps? Is it easy and safe to enter payment details? And does your eCommerce system work easily for you and your staff?

Could your business be doing better?

It’s been difficult for a lot of businesses during this pandemic, and not all are feeling the benefits of increased online sales. Many businesses, even those that have been hit the hardest, can benefit from working on their online presence during the coronavirus crisis.

If you don’t already have a functional eCommerce site that can keep up with the demand, it might be time to consider getting that set up. And if you’re selling products and services that you know people want during these trying times, ensuring your website is optimised for those keywords, has solid user experience, and you’re investing in the right paid per click platforms are great ways to use your marketing budget effectively right now.

Getting help with eCommerce and marketing

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