What is website internal search?

You may have heard of website internal search functions before, either referred to as site search or website search. In short, site search is a functionality that lets users search specific keywords or phrases within a specific website. With website internal search functions, the tool constantly indexes your site to make sure all of the latest content is available.

If you have a website that relies on search because you have many products for sale or a vast collection of resources available, site search can help your customers find what they’re looking for quickly.  Site search helps visitors find products and content quickly and without putting in much effort.

Not all websites need to have site search. If you have a brochure site with just a few pages, it wouldn’t make much sense to use  a site search tool. However, if your business relies on users finding products or information they’re looking for, site search is a key feature that should be considered when designing your website.

The benefits of having site search available

You want to keep your customers and clients engaged so they take the next step on your site, whether that’s buying a product or filling out a contact form. Some research shows that with site search, customers are three times as likely to take these next steps. Making it easy to find information helps visitors find what they’re looking for, improving user experience, and therefore reducing bounce rate, increasing website session lengths, and increasing conversion.

Websites must be created with users in mind in order to be as effective as possible, and including site search is one simple way to simply sit back and watch site search do all of the work of creating a better experience for your customers.

The valuable data you can get from website internal search functions

Beyond creating a better experience for customers and creating sales and leads for your business, site search can provide you with invaluable data that can assist you with understanding what your clients want. By taking a look at the terms being searched for, you can get a better understanding of what matters to your customers and use this information to tailor the content you produce or the products you sell.

Part of overall SEO health

User experience is important to Google and part of your site ranking. Improving your user experience can help boost your rankings and give Google insight into your core topics and products.

How to add internal search to your website

Some DIY website platforms have built-in internal search functions. However, if you have a customised website, you will likely get the best results working with a web developer. If you are interested in adding internal search to your own site, Digital Bridge can help. If you want to say hello, you can call us at  +613 8658 2434 or email us at hello@digitalbridge.com.au.