What are tags?

Tags are little bits of code that allow businesses to measure website traffic and the behaviour of their visitors. Tags are important to properly track analytics, but managing tags can be difficult, time consuming, and detrimental to website function when executed incorrectly.

What does Google Tag Manager really do?

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free tool created by Google that makes it a lot easier to add and manage tags on your website. GTM eliminates the need to have a developer edit code for tags and makes it possible for other departments, like marketing, to jump in and make quick changes to website tags, Javascript snippets, and more.

Google Tag Manager works seamlessly with other tools, like Google Analytics, making it even easier to use and implement.  Using a tag management system can cut down costs, errors, and make updating tags a lot easier for businesses. Instead of focusing time on tedious tasks, developers and coders can spend time on more important aspects of website development.

The benefits of using Google Tag Manager

There a handful of reasons we love GTM. Some of our favourite aspects of this tool include include:

  • The ability for team members of any department to update tags quickly and easily
  • The debugging features, eliminating errors and time spent checking functionality
  • Ensuring a website stands the test of time by making updates and upgrades simple
  • Built-in tags within GTM
  • The extensive tracking options, like clicks and contact form submissions

Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics are often used hand-in-hand, but they are very different tools. To find out the differences between the two, check out this recent blog post.

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