Laravel PHP – Our software engineering tool of choice

At Digital Bridge, we’re big fans of Laravel PHP. In fact, if you hadn't noticed, combined with Javascript technologies such as Vue, REACT and Angular it is our software engineering and web development tool of choice.

Best of all Laravel is a free, open-source PHP framework that makes common web development tasks simpler and quicker, avoiding expensive ongoing licensing costs.

Laravel PHP lets us create beautiful code 

The bottom line is Laravel saves us time working on tedious low level technical tasks, so we can focus on creating stunning, customised websites that solve business problems for our customers.

For us, that means building websites is easy, fun, and exciting. And for you, it means you end up with a website that is intuitive, elegant, and makes your vision come to life quickly.

We use Laravel in order to deliver our clients with the best results possible while creating the websites of their dreams. We are constantly striving to innovate, which is why we stay up to date on all the newest tools and software on the market.

Laravel brings new innovation

In 2018, we attended Laracon AU in Sydney. While there, Taylor Otwell, the creator of Laravel, announced an exciting new tool called Laravel Telescope. Laravel Telescope was created by Taylor Otwell and Mohamed Said to make it easier to debug apps and websites during development and perhaps even more importantly, also in production.

We’re always looking for smarter ways to create websites and seeking new innovations that will allow us to deliver better end results for our clients. When we heard about the new Laravel Telescope, we were excited about what it would mean for our business and for our clients.

This isn’t the first time Laravel has released a game-changing tool. As new Laravel applications are released, we are quick to adopt the ones that will allow us to make even better websites.

In this case, Debugging can be time consuming and difficult. But Laravel Telescope fills a gap in our development workflow. Laravel is already known for having the most complete ecosystem in the industry, and this new tool only adds to it.

Why we’re excited about this new tool

Laravel Telescope helps us develop Laravel applications even faster. It’s a huge help with debugging both when we’re in the building phase of our projects and also when we are investigating support request for existing websites.

This tool is the first of its kind. Laravel Telescope allows us to quickly investigate and understand exactly how our websites are behaving behind the scences. This is primarily achieved through a series of watchers including:

  • Dump watcher
  • Event watcher
  • Exception watcher

There are more watchers available, and we are also able to use custom filtering. We can look at all of these factors at once in a single dashboard. For anyone interested in more of the technical details, we recommend this Introduction to Laravel Telescope, by Matt Stauffer

How our clients will benefit from Laravel Telescope

We already work hard to provide our clients with beautiful websites that work effortlessly without any issues. Now, we’ll be able to spend less time debugging websites when we really need to understand exactly what is happening with our code in production. Ultimately this will provide quicker resolutions in circumstances where something needs to be investigated.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how we create websites, let us know. We’re always happy to have a chat. You can reach out to us at