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What is SNMP?

Simple Network Monitoring Protocol (SNMP) is a protocol that allows devices to communicate about their health, even if they use different hardware or operate using different software.

The most important thing to understand about SNMP is that it allows a system to be monitored remotely with filters to look for problems. Using SNMP tools, we can keep an eye on our network (and ultimately your website) to prevent issues before they might happen.

How our clients benefit from SNMP

Even if you’re not aware of it, we’re busy behind the scenes monitoring our network to make sure your website stays secure. Our monitoring covers many aspects of the websites we manage. At the network layer we closely monitor real time bandwidth usage, uptime, and overall traffic usage. We provide website hosting for hundreds of clients, so we use these tools to keep an eye on potential intrusions or the threat of viruses to ensure the health of your website.

The SNMP tools we use

At Digital Bridge, we use multiple tools to monitor our servers, their health and availabilty.  

While this includes other tools such as firewalls and IPS solutions, at the hardware layer SNMP provides network monitoring capabilities that are reliable and allow us to gain extensive and immediate information related to your website's health, safety, and upkeep.

While there are many network management tools that are part of our network monitoring, Observium is an integral element, and we highly recommend this software to others.

Want to know more about the tools we use to monitor the servers on which your website is hosted? Email Digital Bridge.

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