Victorian-based business owners. Are you looking for ways to improve your sales, processes and partnerships? You may be eligible for a grant from the Victorian government to receive one-on-one professional business coaching via the Small Business SuccessMap program. 

Digital Bridge recently received a grant to participate in Small Business SuccessMap. 

This is Victorian Government sponsored initiative that helps owners and managers grow their business planning and management capability through review, coaching and business planning.

We've already made big inroads to improving our sales, processes and partnerships through the SuccessMap program, so we’re eager to tell any of our clients who we believe might be interested in or may benefit from the program, which is being facilitated by Bill Lang International

SuccessMap isn’t being widely promoted by the government, so there is a good chance of receiving the grant if you are eligible.

To be eligible your business needs to:

1.     Be between 5 and 50 employees (full time + part-time/casual).
2.     Be based in Victoria
3.     Invest $1000 and between 20-30 hours of time  over 6 to 8 months in meetings/workshops/coaching sessions

If you’d like to ask us more about how our business has benefited from the program, please don’t hesitate to call Luke or Maria at the Digital Bridge office.