AddressFinder Technology is a great tool for websites, making eCommerce transactions easier for you and for clients too. Digital Bridge uses this tool in many of the websites we design. The following blog includes some details about AddressFinder Technology.


Addresses are auto-corrected to ensure accuracy

If someone types in their address incorrectly, it can be a pain for you and a disappointment for your customer when their parcel doesn’t arrive. AddressFinder can pick up on incorrectly spelled or formatted addresses to avoid any issues that may arise.


Addresses can be auto-completed

With AddressFinder, when you start typing an address, you’ll be prompted with a few addresses that match what you’re typing. It can make the process easier for customers as they don’t have to type in every detail. Once you start typing the street number and street name, you’ll have options to click on.


AddressFinder knows which addresses are verified

Some new homes or businesses might be missing from the verification tool, but in general, AddressFinder can pick up on which addresses are verified to ensure your parcel or delivery ends up going to the right address. 


Adding AddressFinder to your website

AddressFinder can be integrated with a variety of plugins like WooCommerce and Shopify. Digital Bridge can also help you set up your website with this technology. You can contact us at or +613 8658 2434.