There are a lot of options when it comes to developing an eCommerce site. We’ve explored some of the pros and cons of Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify in a recent blog post. Sometimes, building a custom eCommerce website is the best option, even when compared to the many different templates or DIY platforms. 

Building a custom eCommerce site allows your website and business to grow with you. They can match requirements for expanding businesses and large corporations and provide incredible results with powerful tools. Custom eCommerce sites are robust and built to last, with bespoke admin areas that help people run their businesses more easily. The following are our favourite reasons to choose a custom eCommerce website. 

1. Custom eCommerce websites make everything easier for established businesses

If you’ve been in business for a while, an eCommerce platform might not be enough for your needs. The benefit of having a custom site is that it’s built specifically for your business, meaning it can be scaled as needed, handle high traffic, integrate with the tools you already use and be used to maintain a large database of products.

2. You will have more options for SEO

Some custom tools are notorious for bad SEO. Because of how they’re built, they can be quite slow and provide users with limited functionality for SEO. eCommerce websites don’t have this limitation.

3. You can let customers customise what they are buying

If you have unique offerings and want to let your customer design their own products, like custom shirts or shoes, it’s much easier to do this with a bespoke website. For example, a website we worked on called Sticky that sells candy has a custom Candy Design Tool.

4. You can provide more shipping options and ways to pay

If you have customers all around the world or want to provide different ways to ship your products, eCommerce sites are built for this kind of flexibility. It makes it easier for you to work with your customers and keeps you from losing sales. 

5. You’ll have better support and security

You may have customer support available from your current eCommerce platform, but chances are it’s quite limited. Instead of chatting with the same person each time and having a designated person assigned to taking care of your website, you’ll talk to a new person every time you have a question. When you have a single point of contact, you can fix things quickly and ensure your website is always kept up to date for safety and security. 

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