Brochure Website Design for IgniteXcellence

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Brochure Website Design for IgniteXcellence

Digital Bridge recently had the opportunity to design and develop a brochure website for IgniteXcellence.


Custom Website Design for Fotographic

FOTOGRAPHIC is a creative agency specialising in property and people photography. Digital Bridge was recently commissioned by FOTOGRAPHIC to design a website for their…

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What is an SSL Certificate? Does My Website Need One?

Why your website is “not secure” In mid 2018, Google made changes with their safety protocol. For some, this means their website visitors are now being greeted with a…

Tools of the Trade

Everything You Need to Know About Google Maps API

Google Maps isn’t free anymore Since its creation over 13 years ago, Google Maps has been taken for granted as a useful and free service. As of June 2018, Google announced…


Website Launch for HTPT

Had a big weekend? It might be time to book in for some personal training with Hamish from HTPT. Make a booking online via his new website: Digital Bridge…