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Friendly Moving Men is a local, independent removalist company based in Collingwood, Melbourne. They’re recognised for their friendliness, high-quality service, and affordability.


Friendly Moving Men approached Digital Bridge knowing they wanted to streamline their quoting process while overhauling the structure and content of their existing site. They also wanted their website to be updated to reflect who they are and what they believe in.

Friendly Moving Men’s most unique request was the creation of an online quoting tool that would make it easy for customers to obtain a quote nearly instantly online rather than having to call or email for manual quotes. This automated process would, in turn, make it easier for Friendly Moving Men by generating a quick and useful job sheet with little or no admin time involved. With all of these updates made, Friendly Moving Men aimed to increase their website enquiries.


In order to make the site fast and responsive, it was built with our good friend the mighty Vue.js. This made the automated quote tool work quite well and enhanced user experience.

The quote tool took into consideration distance, time required, the type of van, number of men needed, availability via dates, number of bedrooms, floor level of apartment/home, and a few other factors. We were able to use these details to accurately provide customers with quotes and generate job sheets for moving men.

We were able to create this feature by taking into account how much each item or factor would cost and then translating this into a spreadsheet which was incorporated into the quote tool.

Another great feature is the Integrated Address Finder, which helps to accurately determine locations. This feature is useful for customers because some nearby suburbs qualify for free travel time. However, we did design the website with more than just customers in mind. The admin area was created in a way which allows easy updates by the Friendly Moving Men team, including options to update text, images, banners, page headers, and SEO titles and descriptions.


Friendly Moving Men received exactly what they were looking for and are super pleased with the results: an appealing and friendly-looking site with a personable, human feel. The website captures who they are and what they do.

The new and improved website is mobile-friendly and works well on different screen sizes, displaying properly on both mobile and tablet devices. This makes it even easier for individuals to get a quote while on the go.

The standout feature, the online quote tool, is clear and easy to use, making it simple for busy people to find the time to organise removalists whenever suits them best. There’s no login or commitment required, but you’re sent an email summary of the quote which can be approved without even having to pick up the phone.

As part of the project, Digital Bridge continues to provide support for Friendly Moving Men to help maintain the website and keep it fresh and up to date.

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