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Legal Practitioners’ Liability Committee (LPLC) is a Victorian provider of professional indemnity insurance. They insure many Victorian legal practices and national firms across Australia.


When LPLC began in 1986, they insured 6,000 solicitors. Now in 2020, they insure over 16,000 solicitors and over 1,800 barristers. In addition to handling claims, they also provide risk management services to their clients. Above all, LPLC focuses on core values including equity and fairness, transparency, probity, stability, strength, and prudence.

The LPLC renewals website has a lot of valuable features. It calculates premiums for barristers and solicitor firms, generates tax invoices and certifications, and allows for online payments. These detailed calculations of premiums are based on rules set by the LPLC every year. The online portal collects information about the size and nature of work for each firm (e.g. head counts, number of partners, etc.) in order to generate costs for premiums specific to each case.


The LPLC website was built in Laravel PHP with some key features including secure login, automatic generation of certificates of insurance and contracts in PDFs, and the option to securely pay by credit card, BPAY, cheque, or third party finance.

LPLC’s standout website feature is their online premium calculations. In order to ensure we had a thorough understanding of their system and needs, Digital Bridge worked closely with LPLC to understand their calculations, obtain information from actuaries, and map out the process using the interface to guide user through the renewal process (e.g. some firms are required to submit their areas of practice whereas others are not). When a barrister or commerical firm of solictors logs in, the portal analyses their data and guides them through the renewal process specific to their own needs and circumstances.

LPLC’s system is entirely secure and protects data and payments for its users. Data is shared securely with the Victorian Bar in order to confirm that all solicitorsand barristers are maintaining their insurance so they may remain on the bar. In order to assure the highest level of protection and security for users, all information is inputted through a PCI compliant gateway.


The improvements to the LPLC Renewals Portal have saved time and added convenience for LPLC and its clients. The system for renewals, which was previously time-consuming, is now streamlined and simple to follow.

We are pleased with the results for the LPLC website and the great way it demonstrates how customised eCommerce solutions can be used for niche industries to improve user experience. The case of redesigning the renewal/quotes system has made it possible to consider a wide variety of parameters and calculate premiums with ease. This system on the LPLC website has been active for several years and improvements are added annually to ensure it is up-to-date and continues to run smoothly.

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