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OSCEbank is a innovative online platform that provides medical students with a better way to study for their practical exams.


The Objective Structured Critical Exam (OSCE) is notoriously difficult to study for. And treating patients in real life is a hard skill to fully learn and understand.

OSCEbank was created by an experienced group of doctors who knew exactly what skills and tools aspiring doctors would need to better understand real-life scenarios and study effectively for the OSCE.

The founders of OSCEbank came to Digital Bridge looking to create a highly functional custom website that combined a comprehensive bank of OSCE stations with an online study platform. It had to contain study materials that could easily be updated by the website owners and easily accessed by members.

It was key that the website be intuitive with functions like a search feature and the ability to create study playlists. The team at OSCEbank also wanted to be able to scale the website in the future, ensuring it would be seamless transition to expanding OSCEbank’s reaches and adding to the information they provide in their member’s platform.


In order to make the website and the members platform fast, fluid, and dynamic, we built the site using React (JavaScript) and developed the API in Laravel.

Since OSCEbank’s study tools are used all over the world, we launched the site on Amazon Web Services (AWS server) which allows for scalability both domestically and internationally.

We carefully considered user experience and security, which is why we created a system with security features that only allow one login per user at a time. We also enabled a secured payment platform with the option to check out via PayPal or credit card.

The valuable study materials available on the OSCEbank site are already impressive and helpful to students. With the added ability to browse, search, and create playlists, medical students can enjoy an even better study experience.

We ensured that there was flexibility and functionality included in the member’s platform so members could have an individualised study experience.


We were able to successfully create a website with all of the desired key features and with great visuals and a dynamic interface. This has garnered positive feedback from the OSCEbank team and new users of the OSCEbank platform.

OSCEbank is now in the process of marketing their new and innovative way to study to university students in Melbourne and all across Australia. In coming months and years, OSCEbank will be able to enjoy a solid platform that’s both user-friendly and easy to keep updated.

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