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Pakair provides worldwide time-critical and temperature-sensitive courier and cargo solutions. With cargo as delicate as human organs for transplantation, it is crucial that their web-based ordering, tracking and delivery systems are completely dependable and error-free.


The Pakair web application was developed 10 years ago. By 2016 it was in need of a major rework. The business had grown considerably and the application had become hard to maintain. New features were required and functionality had to be extended extensively.



The challenge of this job was to move most of the functionality from the old website to a new Laravel framework in a short timeframe.

Rather then completely redesigning the database, the existing Mysql database was maintained and updated to avoid data migration.

Improvements were made to the jobs system (pickup and delivery, special requirements, tracking, billing, OPS specifics); allocation screens were established for these steps of the job processes; and for those totally geeking out on the descriptions herein, reports systems were updated (airway bill reports added, jobs tracked by airway bill number).




This project has harnessed our most hardcore programming skills, in-depth knowledge of user interactions, online workflows and data integrations. We totally relished the opportunity to build this highly tailored system and are proud of the powerful and robust product that we have (ahem) delivered. 

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