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The Search 4 Warriors (S4W) Challenge is the most effective transformation competition, incorporating training, nutrition, recovery and supplement programs. It is an online 12-week program designed to dramatically change your physique, and teach you what you need to know to maintain and improve your gains for a lifetime.


S4W were looking for a local partner to design and develop a website to guide participants through its intensive 12-week program.

The main project requirement was comprehensive and time-sensitive content for each phase of the program. This included check-in points where participants could upload their progress to allow them to proceed through to the next phase. A forum was also required for participants to discuss nutrition and exercise information with each other and the program coaches.



The Approach

A customised software solution was developed using the Laravel PHP Platform.

Key features of the website included:

  • A highly-customised content management system (CMS) to manage detailed nutrition, training, recovery and supplement information
  • The ability to accommodate different genders and exercise programs
  • Member logins for a forum, a personal blog, and program support
  • Easy-to-use functionality on mobile platforms


The Results

The website was tested and refined by conducting an initial pilot challenge.

Throughout this process, the website acted as the central point of information for the program, allowing communication between participants and trainers. The website also provided a diary of each participant's progress via personal blog pages.

S4W are now looking to extend the website to manage future programs simultaneously in multiple countries with international partners.

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