Create a website for digital marketing 

Digital Bridge recently had the opportunity to design and develop a brochure website for IgniteXcellence, a professional business and management coaching company based in Australia. The goal was to create an attractive, clear-cut and user-friendly website to bring attention to the IgniteXcellence brand and differentiate it from its competitors.

Make it appealing and useful

The proposed visual aesthetic was classy, creative, innovative and fun. The desired action for visitors was to call, email, or message the company.

We worked with IgniteXcellence to create a website that:

  • looks appealing
  • is well structured
  • is easy to understand and navigate
  • contains only relevant information
  • loads quickly on any device
  • Is optimised for search engines
  • can be easily updated by the client via a CMS

Add high-quality visuals and content

We incorporated engaging visuals throughout the site to bring the content to life and showcase the company's work and its principal consultant. A contact form was added to facilitate new connections and build the company’s email list.

Create a foundation for future expansion

The advantages of a brochure website like IgniteXcellence is that it’s fast to create, easy to maintain, and can be expanded further to incorporate new functionality at a later date. 

Use the website to build business

Brochure websites are a valuable business marketing tool when incorporated into email campaigns and shared across different social media platforms.

We love the final product and feel that it represents the expertise, passion and experience that IgniteXcellence is known for. We’re confident that the new website will help the company continue to grow and succeed in their mission of empowering organisations and their leadership teams to achieve their full potential.

If you'd like someone to create a brochure website for your business, contact Digital Bridge. We'll take care of your website so that you focus on building your business.